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Scholarship Winner!

We are delighted to announce this year's  recipient of the J.A.S Scholarship. Congratulations to Ariel Quijas! 
We are extremely proud.

Shiloh Christian academy is excited to announce that the J.A.S. scholarship will be available for any eligible applicant for the 2020-2021 school year!!

It is our goal to help a worthy child that has shown a willingness to learn not only academically but spiritually as well. We hope that this scholarship will open a door that will enable a child to come into a school that will help them reach their full potential, we look forward to hearing from you. Deadline to apply is July 10, 2020, any application submitted after deadline will not be considered. Winner will be announced July 16th, 2020 on our website!

Rules and Regulations

1.Scholarship is limited to one recipient for the school year 2020-2021 at Shiloh Christian Academy.

2.Scholarship will cover tuition, all testing, transcripts if needed, all lunch meals, and 72 paces.

3.Scholarship does not cover extra expenses such as registration fees, all uniforms, any paces after 72, lost paces, fundraising,. field trips, class parties, student conventions, sport fees, school supplies and any other special school activities.

4.Scholarship winner will be announced on July 16th, 2020 on school website.

5.Only applications that were submitted by the deadline of July 10th,2020 will be considered.

6.Applicants must provide two Non-relative written recommendations with contact information.

7.Applicants must fill out a records release form from previous school if not a current SCA student.

8.Applicants must email a current photo at the time of application to

9.Any applications that are lacking information will not be considered.

10.Applications that are lacking any forms required will not be considered.

11.Only one entry per child is allowed.

12.Applicants must be between 4-16 years of age.

13.Applicants must be a U.S. citizen.

14.Applicants must have a true interest in being part of Shiloh Christian Academy.

15.Recipient must maintain a 90% grade point average.

16.Recipient must not exceed Shiloh Christian Academy allotment of absences and tardies.

17.Recipient must maintain a good testimony at all times.

18.Recipient must participate in all school activities (fundraisers, fun days, field trips, open house, etc.…).

19.Recipient must follow all the rules and regulations of the SCA student handbook.

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